Who Was The Internet’s Biggest Villain In 2017? | Yesterday On The Internet (HBO)

2017, what a hell of a year. It was a year that seemed to last an eternity, yet pass by like a car crash. And through it all, countless people — and things — spent the year unwittingly vying for the title of the biggest villain on the internet.

With many worthy nominees, it’s going to be a tight race: Twitter is nominated for doubling the character limit for double the harassment; Equifax is in the running for its monumental data breach that involved an unbelievable chronology of…

  1. Owl Pharaoh
  2. AngryKhan
  3. BlindSider Sodaroo
  4. Nathan Rice
  5. waswilly wantana
  6. Acetyl
  7. Pedro Gonçalves
  8. BigMommas House
  9. FarChu
  10. Pangeaner
  11. T.J.
  12. roy
  13. Ben Gruber
  14. Martin Wang
  15. 4c1dr3fl3x
  16. Kerri Cz
  17. Mitch P
  18. Boraka Osama
  21. ArchtopNYC
  22. BharathMartin

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