Wheelstanding Dump Truck! Stubby Bob’s Comeback – Roadkill Ep. 52

Bam! Stubby Bob goes big-time in this episode of Roadkill, presented by Dodge. In episode 44 of Roadkill, Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger took a 1950 Ford F6 dump truck and shortened the wheelbase to just 102 inches so it would look freaky-cool—but the truck wasn’t road trip–ready by the end of the show. This time, the truck is transformed by a supercharged big-block Chevy in the back with a Gearstar 4L80E transmission and a V-drive from a boat—all set up like a ’60s dragstrip…

  1. Alex Sammy
  2. NeverStopLearning
  3. Jose Ochoa
  4. Jason Forster
  5. james smith
  6. Badusername2000
  7. Diego Pellecer
  8. Rodney Cosgrave
  9. Shivanand Soochit
  10. ulisscarple
  11. ShellshockingNoise
  12. boochful Jim
  13. Barty Crowell
  14. Eddy De Windt
  15. e_fire
  16. The little King a random
  17. The little King a random
  18. The little King a random
  19. The little King a random
  20. Vince Meneer
  21. Reece Bittrick
  22. Raj Ramey-Rodgers
  23. Master Callahan Vlogs
  24. RetroX
  25. Gabriel Klute
  26. Robert Patterson
  27. James ireland
  28. Chris Blignaut
  29. Rafael Fonseca
  30. Brgnalf81
  31. Skuppernog The Floran
  32. Union Blacksmith
  33. bigmac965
  34. Joel Gonzalez
  35. Jhonny Genteroles
  36. RedfishCarolina
  37. Giovanny Ismael
  38. Robert Redmond
  39. Richtofen
  40. Doge Sorensen

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