Watch Tom Cruise’s Ridiculous Mission Impossible: Fallout Helicopter Stunt

At one point the Mission Impossible movies became less about espionage plots and more about what kind of insane stunts Tom Cruise was attempting to pull off. With the next installment, Mission Impossible: Fallout, that’s no different.

In the latest video from the movie’s set, Cruise’s penchant for doing his own stunts is taken to a scary new degree. Already, early looks at Fallout have shown the actor clinging to the side of a helicopter and jumping from one building to another–a stunt that ended with him breaking his ankle. Now the movie’s star is piloting his own helicopter as he attempts some very dangerous maneuvers.

While most movies might shoot scenes of this nature using green screen or a stunt pilot, that’s just not how the Mission Impossible movies work. “It’s super important for a movie like Mission to be doing it all practically and for real,” stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood says. “Tom doesn’t want to sit in a green screen. The audience can tell when something’s been cheated.”

The result is Cruise doing 360-degree spirals while flying straight at the ground. While there are other helicopters flying near him to capture footage, the actor is the only person in his aircraft.

Mission Impossible: Fallout teams Cruise once again with Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Michelle Monaghan. The movie hits theaters on July 27.


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