U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin literally defeated Zuckerberg

U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin Defeated Zuckerberg

Millions of people are trying a way out from the largest social media platform Facebook. The social media company is experiencing an exodus due to breaking millions of users’ trust. However, on Tuesday 42 U.S. senators grilled the Facebook CEO for 5 hours in front of Congress. In Fact, U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin literally defeated Zuckerberg with his two tactful questions.

Zuckerberg’s first-ever congressional testimony

During Zuckerberg’s first-ever congressional testimony, the Facebook chief was apologetic. Moreover, he defended his business. The Facebook founder and CEO took all the responsibility by himself. He said, “It was my mistake and I’m sorry.” Nonetheless, being sorry isn’t sufficient. Mark Zuckerberg’s continuous mistake fuelled anger among users. Most of the users think Facebook isn’t doing enough to protect user information. A former Facebook user, Khodeza said: “as a matter of fact, after even a decade such a horrible data misuse only proves that Facebook doesn’t put users’ privacy first”.

Facebook CEO in discomfort


In addition, lawmakers brought a number intriguing questions and logic which put the Facebook CEO in discomfort. In fact, those questions made Zuckerberg sweat. Democratic senator, Dick Durbin asked two questions. Apparently, those two points make everything clear. Actually, they question the ethics of this social media giant’s business model.

Senator Durbin asked Zuckerberg, “Would you be comfortable sharing with us, the name of the hotel you stayed last night?”

To answer this question Zuckerberg was struggling. He’s quiet for a moment. But, answered stammering, “u…uu…uhh…no.”

The senator further asked, “If you messaged anybody this week, would you share with us, names of the people you’ve messaged?” Mark Zuckerberg’s answer was negative like before. He said, “Senator, I think, probably, I wouldn’t choose that doing here publicly”.

As Senator Durbin finished, that’s all matter. However, Billions of people consciously or subconsciously share tons of sensitive personal information with companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and alike. Now, what do you think about revealing everything you do to Zuckerberg while he declines to share his?



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