The Best And Worst Remakes, Reboots, And Adaptations Of 2017

Reboot and remake culture has a hold on movies and TV that it likely won’t be letting go anytime soon. As 2017 unfolded, audiences were treated to a number of adaptations of books, comics, and even video games, alongside films and shows being relaunched in hopes of reaching new audiences.

Still, just because you are remaking or rebooting a beloved title, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll turn out any good. The year was littered with movies and TV shows that missed the mark–both original ideas and those adapted from previous properties.

GameSpot has taken a look back at the year in reboots, remakes and adaptations to find the very best and the very worst. For every Spider-Man: Homecoming, there’s a Ghost in the Shell and we revisited them all.


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