Tech Talk #161 – Google Duplex Mimics Human Behavior

Welcome to Tech Talk! The Weekly Vodcast that usually has NOTHING to do with Tech! Join us as we hang out and just talk about whatever we want in a very candid environment… WARNING: If you ask “where is the tech?!” you might get publicly ridiculed.

You can find Jerry at

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON DONATIONS…. donations are on by default and in the past we used to read out ALL donation comments however that ate up most of the show and that is not how we want to run…

  1. thomas m. tordel jr.
  2. TheDuckie78
  3. ForceReconSD
  4. george brand
  5. zach lancaster
  6. Clell Biggs
  7. TheBerserkHealer
  8. Andrew Dunn
  9. TheBerserkHealer
  10. ScuubZ
  11. The Vibe
  12. Galaxize
  13. Shady Brady
  14. joe hill
  15. Eric Beach
  16. Karl Laing
  17. Victor Franqui
  18. Pelle
  19. বাংলার ডাক
  20. Terminated09-Gaming
  21. jamesolaney
  22. Tiwill0V2
  23. DaddyKids Vlogs
  24. John Doe
  25. Nhan Vo Chinh
  26. Daniel Evans
  27. Ion Gaming [ACESHIGH]
  28. TheHOOfan1
  29. Ryan Blackwell
  30. nakyer
  31. taipeitaiwan10
  32. michael hartman
  33. TheRealUnconnected
  34. Mirabove Mirabove
  35. Warner Wolff
  36. john doe
  37. NARW
  38. The Gas Man

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