Tech insiders are raising their voice against tech companies

Tech insiders are raising their voice Against Tech Companies

Tech insiders are raising their voice against tech companies, the companies they worked for. Moreover, they’re warning others against the products they created. As a matter of fact, former Google, Facebook employees are recommending the tech companies to rethink about the addictively intrusive tools. Center for Humane Technology is an organization which is playing a central role in this call.

“Truth about Tech”

The organization already partners up with other nonprofit organizations like Common Sense. In fact, Common Sense advocates for children and families in the digital age. However, according to a CNN report, it’s already running a campaign, “Truth about Tech”.

The campaign will educate consumers about the dark side of the current technology. Moreover, it will use advertisement to reach as much 55 thousand schools in the U.S. They will use industry legislative, lobbying, and regulatory efforts as James P. Steyer, CEO and founder at Common Sense.

Steyer clarified CNN, “we’re not anti-tech’. “We’re into the appropriate and balanced use of technology. We’re calling out the industry for their excesses and their international effects to manipulate and addict.”



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