Overwatch Update Will Let You Change Skins Before Match Starts

It looks like tomorrow’s big Overwatch Year of the Dog update will also include a welcome new feature. Starting tomorrow, February 8, you will have the option to change your character’s skin at the start of a match. This is a feature that fans have been asking for, so it’s nice to see it finally come to the game.

You can see an animated GIF of this below, which Blizzard shared on Twitter today when it announced the new feature. The footage below is from the PC edition, but Blizzard confirmed on Twitter that the feature will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The developer also clarified that you can only change at the start of a match, not when it’s already in progress. Some worried that changing mid-match could interrupt the flow of play if people hung around too long deciding on a skin before jumping back in to play.

This new skin-changing feature is coming to Overwatch tomorrow, February 8, which is also when the Year of the Dog event kicks off. As announced previously, this event adds a new map set in Thailand and made specifically for Capture the Flag. It is the first Overwatch map made specifically for Capture the Flag.

As you’d expect, Year of the Dog skins are coming to Overwatch as well in the update. Check back with GameSpot soon to see a breakdown of the new skins.

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