Nixon Mission on iOS

****UPDATE*** 11-1-17
Hey guys just wanted everyone to know i am putting together an android wear 2.0 update. if i have time to finish the edit would like to get it out this weekend or next Monday so check back soon! have put several months and many miles on the new update so i look forward to giving you a no nonsense review of the Android wear 2.0 update for the Nixon Mission watch!

So did a quick run down on the use case with iOS. It is definitely limited and I do use the term…

  1. Ihsan Muhammad
  2. Bearded Barnstormer
  3. Luiz Paulo Negrini
  4. prepared never scared
  5. Lee Pascoe
  6. Waleed Yousef
  7. ridgewoodian
  8. berkutg
  9. joel mendieta
  10. joel mendieta
  11. Bucky Buttface
  12. Scuba
  13. A Clean Carpet Company Inc
  14. Chris Cunningham
  15. Jo Mart
  16. Jonathan Centeno
  17. Chip Morgan
  18. Water Aerobics
  19. DropOutable
  20. jaseyeeable
  21. ridgewoodian
  22. Juan Sanchez
  23. jonfun84
  24. greg hamilton
  25. Suzuki Swift Club Australia
  26. ChokolateSushi23
  27. Santiago De La Espriella
  28. Jack Sparrow
  29. Scott Thompson
  30. Edgar Garcia
  31. Sara Hakes
  32. Kacin Leaupepe
  33. Evan Barr
  34. Hello
  35. Connell Smallwood
  36. Connell Smallwood
  37. Matt Bohman
  38. Ron M
  39. Luis MyB

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