Newly Released Xbox One Game Debuts On Game Pass

The April headliner for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is now available for download. Robocraft Infinity marks the first ID@Xbox game to join Game Pass on the day of launch. It allows you to build custom robot designs and then match them up against other players in Battle Arena and Deathmatch modes.

Other games newly offered this month include Cities: Skylines (with its After Dark expansion), The Hunter: Call of the Wild, ClusterTruck, Portal Knights, Kingdom: New Lands, Sacred Citadel, and Late Shift. Those join the other existing library as more are added monthly.

Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service for Xbox One, offering a collection of more than 100 games for $10 per month. The company announced an ambitious plan to offer first-party games at launch as part of the service, starting with Sea of Thieves. Robocraft Infinity is in that company as well, and future Microsoft-published games like State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 will be included as well. You can see the full list of available games here.


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