Justice League Deleted Scene Reveals Superman’s Black Suit And One More Strange Costume

Ahead of the digital release of Justice League comes a deleted scene that will have fans of the DC Extended Universe wondering why it wasn’t in the film. In the scene, Superman (Henry Cavill) is in the Fortress of Solitude after returning from the dead. While there, he sees a completely black version of his classic suit.

It’s the same suit that was teased by Cavill on Instagram over a year ago, during the movie’s production. At the time, many believed Superman would suit up in the darker costume in Justice League. However, once the film was released it was nowhere to be seen.

If anything, this deleted scene shows that a very different version of the movie exists. When original director Zack Snyder had to bow out of the project to deal with a family matter, Joss Whedon took over. However, it remains unclear how much of the finished product is Whedon’s and how much is due to Snyder.

One other element of the deleted scene is yet another costume, this one wildly different from what Superman usually wears. Instead of the form-fitting suit you’d expect from the superhero, the other costume is metallic and looks like some kind of spacesuit. This particular look is similar to a suit introduced in Superman: The Animated Series. It allowed the Man of Steel to venture around in space, breathe, and also record his words for transmission back to Earth.

Perhaps when the movie finally releases on digital on February 13, more deleted scenes will paint a clearer picture of the movie Justice League could have been. Until then, though, fans are left wondering what role either of these suits would have played–and which one would look better with Cavill’s mustache.

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