How Funny Face Swapping Videos Could Lead To More “Fake News”

Fake news has been a problem swamping the internet. Now there is a way to make fake videos with nothing more than your laptop. FakeApp can be used to make fake videos of people using images or other videos of them. Several social media platforms are filled with these deepfakes. While the technology still needs works, it’s been used to put celebrities into pornographic films. What would happen if world leaders became digital puppets?

Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech:…

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  2. Lloyd Thumper
  4. Nyambui
  5. Milhouse
  6. Rainbow Dash
  7. Nam Hoang Nguyen
  8. ferlinmarcini
  9. Thomas Jansen
  10. Kobus Downey
  11. SIX ACT
  12. virpil
  13. Dark Project
  14. Great Meme Warrior
  15. dunca135
  16. Gingerbreadboy7a
  17. Bluesom
  18. Zaakir Motala
  19. Amit das
  20. I fart on carpet

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