Google’s ‘Material Theming’ will improve Android user experience

Google’s ‘Material Theming’ will improve Android user experience

Have you ever noticed a slight tone of similarity with Google interfaces and Android apps? If yes, then your instincts weren’t all that wrong. This makes the whole scenario pretty boring, monotone and confusing. So Google has come up with a solution for removing monotony and confusion with design themes amongst its users. Google announced a new set of tools called Material Theming at the 2018 Google I/O.

What is material theming?

Material Theming is the designing ability of Google to provide for Android and Google services on the web, desktop, and apps. Material theming let’s developers design and customize an interface to better reflect a product’s brand. App-makers can choose from a variety of components and design transitions while sticking to Google’s new model to make it easier for them. This lets them stay not only authentic but also shine through their own skills instead of being limited to creative design.

UI/UX developers can apply design through their vision such as color and typography by improving their user experience as it comes. Material Theming tools allow easy switching between the interface design and code charts simultaneously. Material Theming can be implemented with the help of an Editor which allows customizing color, type, and shape. It consists of three main actions: customizing the theme, applying it across design mocks, and using it in code.

Material design is currently installed as a plugin for the design app Sketch that lets designers using the app create and customize designs according to their taste. Though still under development, users can see and experience the applications of Material Theming through few apps and websites sporting the new design model with changes made in Gmail and Google apps recently. Material theming maybe an upgraded version of Google’s Material Design introduced in 2014, it still comes with better buttons, cleaner layouts, and improved organization. This helps apps and websites which are Android-based present better design schemes, are much neater and are easier to navigate.



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