Get More Cash From US GameStop Trade-Ins For A Limited Time

If you have a pile of games you’re ready to trade in, you can get extra cash at GameStop for a limited time. Usually when you trade in a game, you can choose to have it paid out as a lower amount of cash or a higher amount of store credit. From now through April 22, however, GameStop is paying out just as much cash as it would store credit.

There are a couple details to note here. It’s only valid at participating stores in the US and Guam, and it’s not valid in California (sorry, folks). You can see a list of the ineligible stores here.

But if you want cash for your trade-ins, now is the time to make the trades. If you don’t want to be surprised by the trade-in value, you can find out how much GameStop pays out here. And if you want to compare the results to other retailers, you can do the same at these links for Amazon and Best Buy.

GameStop has one other trade-in deal going on that could be useful for anyone planning to buy God of War or Nintendo Labo when they launch on April 20. If you put your trade-in credit toward those games, you’ll get up to 40% extra value, depending on your Pro membership level. You can find the details for that deal here.


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