Far Cry 5’s New Live Event Is An Arcade Participation Trophy

Far Cry 5 opened up its regular live events by having you char-grill some animals, which may have seemed a little cruel. The latest event instead subtly encourages players to try out all that Hope County has to offer by simply rewarding you for playing some of the Arcade mode.

The “Arcade Dawn” event runs through April 17. The challenge is barely a challenge, rewarding you for simply playing the mode for 40 minutes. That means less than an hour of anything Arcade has to offer, like competitive multiplayer and co-op. Your reward for this feat will be a Vector .45 ACP submachine gun. Once you’ve hit that point, you can keep playing in Arcade to help earn the community goal. That will grant everyone the Arcade Pro outfit, which nicely matches your neat new gun. As usual, you’ll also receive Silver Bars for progress on the way to those ultimate goals.

To participate, head to the Online area of your menu and select Live Events. Accept the quest and it will start tracking your progress, as well as show you the community progress meter. As of the time of writing, the community has already blown past the halfway mark, so be sure to do your part as well. Nobody likes a freeloader.

That it’s off to a quick start is no surprise, given that the game has been breaking Ubisoft’s internal records and coming on top of the PlayStation 4 sales chart. If you need some pointers regarding what to do in Arcade, we suggest checking out our favorite arcade maps.

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