Channel Zero: 8 Fan-Favorite Creepypastas The Show Should Adapt Next

In 2016, Syfy debuted a new horror anthology series called Channel Zero. What set the new series apart from others like it was that each season was based on a Creepypasta story. Season 1 adapted “Candle Cove,” a story originally about a terrifying TV show for children that never existed. Season 2 was based on of the most famous Creepypasta stories, “No End House.” The original story is about a house that subjects those who enter it to increasingly terrifying rooms based on their fears.

With Season 3, Channel Zero will be adapting “Search and Rescue Woods,” a story about a search and rescue officer who is tasked with finding missing persons in an unnamed forest. What he encounters is horrifying and surreal. The new season, which is called “Butcher’s Block,” comes to Syfy on Wednesday, February 7 at 10 PM ET.

With three seasons under its belt, what could Channel Zero adapt next? We looked through Creepypastas far and wide to find the best stories Channel Zero could adapt next.

Note: We’re skipping out on “Slender Man,” as that character has been adapted enough already.


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