Apple Inc is slammed with a lawsuit over its defective butterfly switch keyboard for Macbooks

Apple Inc is slammed with a lawsuit over its defective butterfly switch keyboard for Macbooks

Apple Inc was slammed with a lawsuit last Friday over its Macbook computer keyboard. Girard Gibbs Ltd., the legal firm leading the lawsuit and representing the plaintiffs, accuses Apple of failing to alert consumers about the issue. It claims and calls out MacBooks from 2015 or later with a defective butterfly switch keyboard and says thousands of consumers are have run into the defect and are troubled by it. They face a constant issue of non-responsive keys and following keyboard failure to type for their work purposes.

Apple introduced its “butterfly” switch in 2015, on the 12-inch MacBook which was a very thin and light notebook that weighed only 2lb. Apple had claimed back then that they were replacing the traditional ‘scissor’ mechanism with the butterfly. Each key was meant to be 4 times more stable than scissor switch and 40% thinner with a 17% larger surface area. The aim was to make the keys responsive and comfortable. For some reason, Apple seems to have failed to deliver the comfort to users.

For most Macbook users, the laptop is essential for work and has gone as far as a week without a computer network. The main objective of the computer is to type for work or research purposes and if users end up with sticky, unresponsive keys, the purpose is defeated. People are growing frustrated over the laptops and slowly its Apple’s business that will run slow on such issues. It took consumers almost a week to use their laptop to just repair and replace the keyboard from Apple. And this was users with warranty but the ones who ran out of warranty, the ordeal was quite an expensive one with repair fees amounting up to $700.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status and demands Apple be compelled to provide information and compensation for the defective nature of their Macbooks keyboard design.

Apple still hasn’t responded to the claims or the lawsuit as of yet. Although Apple facing lawsuits is not a new thing, this is just another list of lawsuits it faces over its claims that did not deliver right to its users.



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