A beginner’s guide to beating slots machines

A beginner’s guide to beating slots machines

One of the most visible sections of any casino – online or offline – is the space reserved for slot machines. Visit a bricks and mortar casino and you will be greeted by the sight of row upon row of clanging, ringing slot machines. Of course space is not at a premium when it comes to online casinos, meaning that they can add virtually infinite amounts of slot games to their sites. It is not unusual to find online casinos offering more than a thousand slots to play, which is a pretty tempting sight for players.

However, it should always be remembered that there is a reason why casinos love to offer so many slot games.

Quite simply, players tend to lose more money on these games than more traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Every gambling game on offer at the casino will have an in-built house advantage, meaning that over time the casino is mathematically bound to win. The house edges vary wildly from one game to another though, with blackjack offering a potential return to player of more than 99% (when played optimally) and games of keno down to not much more than a 50% return for the player. So where do slot games figure into this equation? Well, in general they offer a theoretical return to player of between 93% and 98%. This means a house edge of between 7% and 2%. Not as good as some other casino games, but not too bad either. So why do players lose so much cash on slot games?

One reason for this is that casino players tend to play slot games based on factors other than how likely they are to get a return from them. If you can think of a genre or niche, then you can be sure there is a slot themed after it. From horror to movies to cookery to history, there is something for every taste. But playing a slot game because you like superhero movies or think that leprechauns will bring you good luck is not the way to lock in a profit! Instead, a good place to start is with the afore-mentioned return to player percentage. A quick Google search will tell you the RTP for any slot game. While this number refers to a percentage based on thousands of spins, it is still a useful guide when it comes to deciding on the game you are going to play. Look for numbers around 97% to give yourself a better chance of profiting from a game you plan on playing for a prolonged period of time.

There are also other factors to consider. Given that all slot games are designed to part players from their cash over the long term, you have to find a way to beat the system. The best way to do this is by hitting bonuses early, and then quitting the game when you are ahead. Identify games which offer bonus rounds, as not every game does. Also you should consider the volatility of the slot, as some games are more volatile than others. A high volatile game will pay out less frequently, but when the wins do come they tend to be bigger. Low volatile games spew out smaller wins on a much more regular basis. If your bankroll is big enough to wait out the fallow periods, then the high volatility games may suit you better. Otherwise, aim for the consistency of low volatile games and hope to hit some bonus rounds to boost your wins.

While all of the above is very important, the best way to profit from playing slot games is by taking advantage of casino bonus offers. Every online casino will offer a welcome bonus to attract new players, whether in the form of free spins, or a matching deposit bonus, or even a no deposit bonus.

Whichever form the bonus comes in, you will normally need to use it on slot games in order to be able to work through the wagering requirement before the cash can be withdrawn.  This is where novice players make a big mistake. They plough through the bonus with high per-spin bets, often on random games which they have not researched. A smart player will take the opposite approach. Find a low volatile game with bonus rounds and a high return to player. Make minimum bets so as to maximize the chances of your getting back a high percentage of your bonus funds. Follow this simple advice, and you will find yourself able to withdraw those generous casino bonus offers by beating the house!

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