15 Games That Were Way Better Than Expected

Not all games receive positive fanfare upon their announcement or in the lead up to release. Heavy skepticism can follow a game for one reason or another. Sometimes it occurs due to a game being a drastic shift from past entries of a long-established franchise. Other times it’s a prolonged development cycle that colors our expectations, typically resulting in cynicism or apathy.

While there are games that ultimately fall in line with our worst expectations, there are plenty that manage to defy the odds. Everyone loves a good underdog success story, so we’ve compiled 15 of the most amazing games that defied widely held skepticisms and turned out to be great after all.

What are some of your favorite games that defied expectations? Let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, be sure to keep up on our upcoming E3 2018 coverage. With all the successes you read about here, be sure to keep an open mind to whatever this year’s big show might have in store. You can get up to speed on the big press conferences through our E3 2018 schedule.

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